DoubleWave is a specialty marine business focusing on the needs of 29er and Lido 14 sailboat owners.

The 29er is a high performance sailboat oriented toward youth sailing.  DoubleWave is the longest operating 29er dealer in all of North America; we know more about the mechanics of the boat than any other supplier.  29er offerings include new and used 29er boats for sale, sails, accessories, parts, repair service and high quality charter boats for the 29er Midwinters West Regatta, CISA Advanced Racing Clinic, and more.  Please contact DoubleWave for further 29er details.

The Lido 14 is THE quintessential trailerable day sailor.  Designed right here in Newport Beach in 1957, no other boat fills the needs of the casual sailor and the racing sailor as well.  DoubleWave is THE leading resource for virtually all matters concerning the Lido 14.  We can help you get your Lido 14 up to the standards of operation you desire at a great price.  We also provide our extensive knowledge on the Lido 14 to all callers to help them in their Lido 14 decision making.  Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more but in the mean time, also take a moment to browse thru our small Lidopedia library.

The following list is a partial list of the Lido 14 products we carry...

Masts and Booms

  • Available in kit form, partially assembled, or completely assembled
  • Spar rebuilds using your recycled mast hardware and rigging
  • Reinforced/sleeved Booms
  • Fittings (cleats, bales, etc.)


Misc. Hardware


  • Floating Whisker Poles (aluminum or carbon fiber)
  • Boat covers
  • Tiller extensions
  • Hiking straps


  • We are the factory authorized representative for the Lido 14 sails built by Ullmans Sails.  Both racing and cruising models available.

Recycled Parts

  • We have an extensive collection of recycled parts from classic Lido 14s...including many hard to find items.


  • We outfit sailboats for racers and cruisers alike.  Whether it's optimizing the placement of your racing foils or installing an electric motor for evening cruising, we take all outfitting seriously.  We are the leading source of racing Lido 14 outfitting.  We can weigh and inspect your boat to see if it complies to the rules of the racing association and we can optimize your boat to your needs.

Generic Parts & Cordage

  • We maintain an inventory of the parts most often needed on small sailboats from such suppliers as Harken, Ronstan, and Race-Lite.  Cleats, fairleads, shackles, eyestraps, gudgeons, pintles, pins, etc.
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